There are many types of autocatalysts, each of them with own mass and amount of metal (platinum, palladium, rhodium).

Approximate price can be defined by the detail's code, which is engraved on the casing.

The company has its own catalogue with analyses of over 5500 autocatalysts

To define more precise price, it is necessary to grind the catalyst, after grinding, spectral analysis is performed using verified devices. According to results of the analysis, calculation is performed and purchase price for kg is defined, irrespectively of the amount of platinum, palladium and rhodium in ceramics

Simple procedure developed over time

Special conditions for service centers, junk yards

We offer:

Higher interest up to 85% of the metal price on the exchange

Cutting ceramics out of the casing - free of charge

Ceramics grinding - free of charge

Express analyses - free of charge

Immediate payment!

If you cooperate with a partner and are unsure about honest calculation, bring your material to us, and we will offer you the best option irrespectively of the amount!