Market leader with transparent price policy

Purchase of all types of autocatalysts and DPF filters

We specialize in purchase of dead autocatalysts and DPF filters. Our clients are both private entities and legal entities. We are a reliable partner that is why we are recommended to other clients. The company's philosophy is closely related to the values consisting of trust relationship, professionalism and transparent price policy.


Approximate price of autocatalyst or DPF filter can be defined by the detail's code, but more precise price can be defined only after the analysis, grinding the ceramics into uniform mass and performing XRF analysis using verified devices.

Simple sales procedure

We work with private entities and companies

We can:

- Saw the autocatalyst out of the casing

Grind the ceramics to prepare analyses

(mills up to 20kg/100kg/220kg are available)

Get the price offer based on the XRF analysis (platinum, palladium, rhodium)

Immediate payment by bank transfer according to the purchase act or bill of lading

Full processing procedure

Material collection, cutting-out of the casing, grinding, XRF analyses, material preparation for export

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